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Resupply stations. Or to coal more than enough. — 2016-07-14

Resupply stations. Or to coal more than enough.

Just imagine you are thirsty.

To be thirsty can be a fatal thing. Especially at sporting adventures when your drinking bottle is empty.

If someone has run out of water or his isotonic drink he or she is badly off.

That is why bicyclists on tour are well supplied by the organiser: On cycle tours ( maybe you call it bike trips, my English writing skills are … a catastrophy, well, at least I know how to emphasise catástrophy. That is something, isn’t it? ).

On such tours there are resupply stations (?) at regular intervals. Here sportspeople get some “niblets” ( in German we call it “Häppchen”, a small piece of food ), their bananas and – of course – water.

Otherwise we would “fall from the saddle” or keel over, as you might say? Continue reading

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