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Draining shields. Or sensory impacts. — 2017-11-21

Draining shields. Or sensory impacts.

My last post was about people terrorising the neighbourhood with their noise. And I was really, really upset about the acoustic irradiation caused by this specific guy.

Maybe I have written it “with gut instinct” (in German: “out of the belly”, figurative speech).

Let me explain, what is so annoying, so gruelling. It is about sensory impacts and sensory overload.

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Life rings — 2016-08-10

Life rings

Luckily there is something to hold on to, sometimes I got hold of life belts on the ocean of everyday life:

  • someone who invites me to lunch (not spontaneously but well in advance)
  • a song, which arouses some positive memories
  • a trip to one of those old castle ruins (which fascinate me again and again)
  • a good dinner in a quiet restaurant
  • the fancy, but funny message at 6.00 AM
  • the bus driver who has stopped halfway between the bus stops just so that I didn’t have to walk in the midday heat
  • the walk in the woods, wading through the forest brook

All of these happenings do not change one damn thing in my life. It’s just the same “drifting in the ocean” (fig.). And it is dangerous. Everyone could be drowned in its heavy waters.

I still feel strained and anxious and fainthearted.

But good to know that there are happenings when I don’t need my auxiliary routines or “subroutines” to be functioning, moments, in which I don’t have to react or to respond immediately.

You know, these moments without expectations, moments, when you just receive something.

Resupply stations. Or to coal more than enough. — 2016-07-14

Resupply stations. Or to coal more than enough.

Just imagine you are thirsty.

To be thirsty can be a fatal thing. Especially at sporting adventures when your drinking bottle is empty.

If someone has run out of water or his isotonic drink he or she is badly off.

That is why bicyclists on tour are well supplied by the organiser: On cycle tours ( maybe you call it bike trips, my English writing skills are … a catastrophy, well, at least I know how to emphasise catástrophy. That is something, isn’t it? ).

On such tours there are resupply stations (?) at regular intervals. Here sportspeople get some “niblets” ( in German we call it “Häppchen”, a small piece of food ), their bananas and – of course – water.

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Browsing in a logbook. — 2016-06-19