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Famous Four Stackers: RMS Aquitania — 2019-10-03

Famous Four Stackers: RMS Aquitania

Love her. šŸ˜

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After White Starā€™sĀ  Olympic proved successful even though she was not intended to be fast, Cunard planned a third four funneled liner which entered the water in April 1913. This was intended to give Cunard their own trio of large transatlantic liners, howeverĀ Lusitania was sunk in 1915. Now this new ship would replaceĀ Lusitania and continue the tandem crossings from Europe to America and back.

The name Aquitania was derived from a Romandivision of southwestGaulextendingfromthePyrenees to theGaronneRiverknown as Aquitaine.

There was great sucHMHS_Aquitaniacess with Mauretania and Lusitania. This new, larger ship was ordered to compete with White Star. This ship was not intended to hold any kind of speed record. She was built for stability and luxury. Her dimensions slightly exceeded those of White Starā€™s Olympic trio.Ā 

Her maiden voyage came the day after the disaster that sankā€¦

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Yeah, yeah, spring is coming :-( — 2019-03-19

Yeah, yeah, spring is coming :-(

Yeah, yeah, I know: “Spring is fluttering its blue ribbon again” (a piece of poetry from German Poet Eduard Mƶrike). Spring is nice. Spring is pleasant. Spring is lovely.

But for me every March begins a time, when I feel the sunlight as particularly bright, as intrusive.
Do not get me wrong. I like to be in nature and I love to travel alone. Because I love silence.


When I have a day off during the week, I’m drawn “to the countryside”, as they say. And during the week there are hardly any people on the hiking trails.


I need protection from the sunlight. For many years nobody thought that my headache might have anything to do with the sunlight. When I “get” this glistening light into my eyes, I may not be able to get rid of the glaring, no matter where I look, no matter if I put a towel over my head – it stays there and is glaring in my head. Headaches are the result.


I don’t know how other people from the autism spectrum feel about the sun … I like the warm rays and it does my neck, my back good and it relaxes me to sit in the sun for a while. But I also have to be careful.

Summer holidays are over. — 2016-09-11

Summer holidays are over.

Holidays are over. Back to work.

The last days I was getting more and more nervous: How will it be? New students, a new building. Will I cope with all the noise, the people, the challenges and of course my duties?

Today I am feeling not relaxed, not relaxed at all. But I am happy that I enjoyed the friendly warmth on my body this morning, I am happy to do some workout this afternoon, to make me a delicious meal later on.

And I will move on. Probably it will get me in heavy waters, for sure it will, but not in uncharted ones.



Holidays! — 2016-07-27


The whole school year everyone, teachers and student equally, are expecting them: The holidays. Everyone who has studied much, worked hard or has dealt with lots of things, requires some rest.

Since structure is of great help for me getting through the day, the week, the month … holidays often are a real challenge: No tasks, no work, no structure.

So I have to “work” at the beginningĀ  of the holidays: I have to plan, to make the weeks well-structured.

This summer I took a small position and for this reason I have some appointments in the first week.

Since there is still a lot of mizmaze (?) in my life, I know that I have to change so many different things. I project the first two weeks to be my time to take small steps, change the things which are easy to change.

I don’t like changes, so I have to be very careful. I have learned (by lessons earned): I can’t change all at once!

Keeping that in mind the holiday time will provide me with some rest.

Get through your holidays hale and hearty!




To go for a swim: So mote it be. — 2016-06-19