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Holidays. But properly. — 2019-09-29

Holidays. But properly.

For me, holidays are holidays when I do nothing but to lie back (or to sit on my hands).

And this is a new insight to me!

When I let it all hang out on a day off or at the weekend, then this is really good for me. Usually someone has to remind me to do this. And to remember me to do that and that alone: To sit somewhere and enjoy the sun or the wind or the rustling of the leaves in the forest or the monotonous sound of a stream.

Recently, however, I was on a trip “in the wild,” I took off my sports clothes and lay down in the sun. Then it crossed my mind:

That is how must be your next holidays!”

Because my holidays are always full to bursting with this and that, I want to see this, read that, go there. And in the evening I recover from my holiday.

I have to stop that.

I need proper holidays. (Or I have to gain the attitude that turns every day of my life into a holiday for me.)

Well, first I have to take care of hanging out for two weeks, on a beach or in a lonely tree house or on a boat maybe.

What about you? What is your favoured kind of spending your holidays?