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Is it time for autistic people to change the world? — 2019-01-28

Is it time for autistic people to change the world?

Is it time for autistic people to change the world?

You probably know Greta Thunberg.
A girl who hurries from conference to conference and advocates CO2 reduction.

She has also encouraged – directly or indirectly – school strikes in some cities.
Does that bring the change, a better world, we hoped for?

Greta is presented in the media as an icon of climate activists.
Greta is said to have “a variant of Aspgerer Syndrome”. (Whatever that means.)

Time to ask myself: Can we, Aspies over the world, be a kind of “role model”? (I don’t want to be presumptuous: I know we are a minority.)

Because what would be – besides avoiding inland flights or sharing a car, planting trees and and and … – really useful?

I believe that school strikes will not turn the tide. (Why should you strike the school? It doesn’t make any sense at all.)

Should students not stand up and speak up much more concretely in their everyday life and in their school environment for …

Not every student should own a smartphone, right??
Or change to a new model every year?
Spend your school trips at the youth hostel instead of going abroad, right?
Planting trees is certainly not wrong. Painting trees on protest posters won’t help.

The “Aspies”, which I know, they act almost without exception more than admirably:

They often live in a humble way in a small room or with their parents. They hold on to their beloved smartphone, do handicrafts, tinker, repair stuff by themselves … often until they ca not do anything and they have to buy a new one.

Many have neither a large Hi-Fi system nor a telly – or both are available, but rarely in operation.
They eat modestly. I don’t know gluttony from any of my Aspie friends.
They live modestly.

And they’re not going on a world tour.  😉

In the language of climate activists, they leave a very, very small “C02 footprint.”

Maybe this is not the time when Aspies change the world. But we can contribute our part. (If we don’t do it to a large extent anyway.) What do you think?