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German Speed Queens Europa and Bremen — 2021-02-21

German Speed Queens Europa and Bremen

“During the years leading into the second world war, in 1929, Germany produced two sister ships that would change shipbuilding. Sleek and fast, Europa and Bremen were ships of state. They would be Germany wherever they went. Revolutionary in design, they both won the Blue Riband ….”

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During the years leading into the second world war, in 1929, Germany produced two sister ships that would change shipbuilding. Sleek and fast, Europa and Bremen were ships of state. They would be Germany wherever they went. Revolutionary in design, they both won the Blue Riband. They had a bulbous bows underwater, low squat funnels, and a plane catapult to send mail to shore. They looked fast. Breman was completed first as Europa suffered a fire during construction. Both ships were built with high strength steel to make them lighter weight, Bremen easily snatched the speed record from Britain’s Mauretania (held the record from 1907). Germany was back in the game quite seriously. The North German Lloyd sought prestige, and Bremen delivered.
The original design had flaws and the funnels were raised because soot was bothering passengers and making the decks dirty. The sleek look was aesthetically pleasing, but not…

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Why lockdown and school closure has done me good. — 2020-10-01

Why lockdown and school closure has done me good.

The lockdown was kind of a good thing. Of course not those who were at risk or in poor health and then had to live in fear of infection. I do not mean that. But the time when things were shut down, well, it really has done me good.

It’s been a long time since I had so much time to think about where I actually stand. I had time. I had time to have a walk. I had time to think about my needs. I had the time to have a walk with a person who listend. I received advice. New ideas (or old ones waiting in my head) got their look-in / got their chance now.

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“Corona, my dear. What did you do?” — 2020-07-17

“Corona, my dear. What did you do?”

Oh, yes, Corona. How many blog posts about Corona and the lockdown might there be?

I’ll add one more. It’s more a kind of a retrospective.

We had a school shut down. A little hasty as I found and inconsistent, but whatever.

There were no masks for sale, so the citizens were not prescribed masks. 😎

But there were restrictions, closures and fears.
And that I found particularly bad: people who were afraid to go to the doctor. People who could not do physical therapy. People who sat apathetically at home. Not good for health and well-being.

Then our politicians showed up on TV without masks. And in parliament without masks.

But some of our politicians had themselves filmed with masks on. (Yeah!) When the camera was off, they took off their masks and chatted – without keeping their distance. 🤦‍♂️

And then there were masks.
Then the government made them mandatory. 😎
But not everywhere.

It seems that 9,000 died, for whom the test showed Covid (which does not mean that these people were sick or even had the virus).

This year we had almost no normal flu! Hardly sick, almost no flu deaths (2017: 17,000 dead).

I can not change a thing. That was the high seas weather situation.

But what was going on on the small bridge of my ship?

I bought a week planner to tear off as a desk pad. And I started planning and making lists! ✏️ 📅

I planned sports, I planned e-mails, I planned phone calls (Oh yes!), I planned hikes, I planned garbage collection dates and I planned waste disposal.

I had so much to do privately, I was glad that I had shorter working hours.

I reduced real life contacts to a minimum. And that was really good for me.

But I sent and received even more e-mails and radio messages. In just a few weeks I made hundreds of contacts on social media and exchanged ideas with dozens of people.Awesome people!

A great chance by the way:

I now know who is doing the same job as me and in which country of the world he or she is working! I know who I can approach and who can help me or who knows someone who can help me if I want to work there.

A great time. With all the ” hardships ” it was a great time.

Of course I slept very poorly at first. Cause there were neighbours who were now having one party after another.
Of course I was scared.
Of course I was worried.

But I had plans and lists.
And I used my routines and established new ones.

Of course I couldn’t go on a trip.
Of course I was limited.
But I started to advanced training. (And and completed it.)

And I did things routinely. And I gained courage.

I also learned a lot politically:

Money was distributed. Generously. But us little employees, we got nothing. I got an even smaller salary. 😯

And I could add a lot more crazy stuff.

The corona crisis showed me I no longer want to live and work and pay taxes and fees in a crazy country like this.

Don’t worry! It’s all right. It’s just what I learned, you may have learned something different from it.

And everything will be fine. I took this for me out of the crisis. 🍀

Famous Four Stackers: RMS Aquitania — 2019-10-03

Famous Four Stackers: RMS Aquitania

Love her. 😍

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After White Star’s  Olympic proved successful even though she was not intended to be fast, Cunard planned a third four funneled liner which entered the water in April 1913. This was intended to give Cunard their own trio of large transatlantic liners, however Lusitania was sunk in 1915. Now this new ship would replace Lusitania and continue the tandem crossings from Europe to America and back.

The name Aquitania was derived from a Romandivision of southwestGaulextendingfromthePyrenees to theGaronneRiverknown as Aquitaine.

There was great sucHMHS_Aquitaniacess with Mauretania and Lusitania. This new, larger ship was ordered to compete with White Star. This ship was not intended to hold any kind of speed record. She was built for stability and luxury. Her dimensions slightly exceeded those of White Star’s Olympic trio. 

Her maiden voyage came the day after the disaster that sank…

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Holidays. But properly. — 2019-09-29

Holidays. But properly.

For me, holidays are holidays when I do nothing but to lie back (or to sit on my hands).

And this is a new insight to me!

When I let it all hang out on a day off or at the weekend, then this is really good for me. Usually someone has to remind me to do this. And to remember me to do that and that alone: To sit somewhere and enjoy the sun or the wind or the rustling of the leaves in the forest or the monotonous sound of a stream.

Recently, however, I was on a trip “in the wild,” I took off my sports clothes and lay down in the sun. Then it crossed my mind:

That is how must be your next holidays!”

Because my holidays are always full to bursting with this and that, I want to see this, read that, go there. And in the evening I recover from my holiday.

I have to stop that.

I need proper holidays. (Or I have to gain the attitude that turns every day of my life into a holiday for me.)

Well, first I have to take care of hanging out for two weeks, on a beach or in a lonely tree house or on a boat maybe.

What about you? What is your favoured kind of spending your holidays?